The Art of Building a Brand

WRITER & Book Producer

Duluth Trading Company has grown from a one-product startup in 1989, through a company known for its humorous catalogs, to what it is today: a much-admired brand with a flair for creating apparel that solves problems for its customers. People who take a self-reliant approach to life appreciate the Long-Tail T-shirt to remedy plumber’s butt, or the Armachillo range with its cooling, jade-infused fabric. The Art of Building a Brand shows how the company’s evolution took place, the elements that contributed, and the obstacles overcome.

This is a book about “brand” in the larger sense: not just how the company appears to the outside world, but the work behind the scenes that makes it unique. Storytelling, innovation, risk taking, respect, and striving for growth are just some of the shared values that make the whole of the Duluth Trading Company more than the sum of its parts.