Psychological Safety

Book Producer

This revolutionary book from the co-founders of the Academy of Brain-based Leadership offers actionable solutions to key questions that may be holding you (and your team) back from fulfilling your potential:

  • Why am I so anxious and stressed?
  • Why do I continue to do things I don’t want to do?
  • Why do I care so much about what others think of me?
  • Why do I self-sabotage?
  • And the most vital question of all:
  • Why can’t I change?

Based on the latest neuroscience research, the S.A.F.E.T.Y.™ model describes some of the most important social motivators of human behavior. Learn how to implement it in your life and your workplace, to reap the benefits of increased productivity and personal well-being.

“S.A.F.E.T.Y. is such a simple model, but it cuts straight to the heart of what creates most of our challenges, problems, fear and stress…. A most valuable tool to add to your ‘surviving life’ toolkit!”
—Debbie Jeremiah, Faculty, GE Crotonville

Duluth front cover

The Art of Building a Brand

Writer & Book Producer

Duluth Trading Company has grown from a one-product startup in 1989, through a company known for its humorous catalogs, to what it is today: a much-admired brand with a flair for creating apparel that solves problems for its customers. People who take a self-reliant approach to life appreciate the Long-Tail T-shirt to remedy plumber’s butt, or the Armachillo range with its cooling, jade-infused fabric. The Art of Building a Brand shows how the company’s evolution took place, the elements that contributed, and the obstacles overcome.

This is a book about “brand” in the larger sense: not just how the company appears to the outside world, but the work behind the scenes that makes it unique. Storytelling, innovation, risk taking, respect, and striving for growth are just some of the shared values that make the whole of the Duluth Trading Company more than the sum of its parts.


Family Spirit

Named Author

Family Spirit celebrates the perseverance and triumphs of 12 remarkable family-run companies. Featuring an array of photographs from the archives of participating families, Family Spirit offers wisdom handed down over generations, contemporary insights, and timely inspiration. Business families featured include: Denihan, Glenfiddich, Johnstons of Elgin, Luigi Lavazza S.p.A., Lundberg Family Farms, McIlhenny Company, Mitchells Family of Stores, Moresque/Arabesque, Mouawad, Riedel, Wirtz Corporation, and Young’s Market Company. All proceeds from the sale of Family Spirit are donated to the New York Public Library’s Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL).

“I can’t find enough good things to say about Family Spirit…. It is destined to become a classic in business classes worldwide.”
—5 out of 5 Star Amazon Review

7 secrets of the newborn



From the pediatrician who became an Internet sensation with the “Hamilton Hold” in a YouTube video about how to calm a crying baby, comes a one-of-a-kind resource to guide you through the earliest moments of your child’s life—and help you to parent with common sense and confidence.

Robert C. Hamilton, M.D., has spent more than three decades caring for newborns. In his practice, Dr. Bob has seen it all—what works, what doesn’t. How can you get your baby to nurse, sleep, and maybe even cease
crying? What strategies can help you connect and communicate with your infant? What important decisions will you make during the first year for your child, yourself, and your partner?

Here, Dr. Bob shares his clear, sensible, warm advice—as well as all the latest scientific data and research—on how to:

• Offer comfort to a crying newborn using the “Hold”
• Gently teach your baby how to sleep (and get some sleep yourself)
• Manage screen time in your home
• Play!
• And more to help you navigate the unforgettable first year of your child’s life.

“Hamilton offers a cheery, exuberant text intended to celebrate babies, convince readers to have babies, and educate parents about how to best negotiate and enjoy the first 12 months of a child’s life.”
—Publisher’s Weekly



Writer & Book Producer

Silver medalist in 2017 North American Book Award; Amazon bestseller in Management & Leadership—Teams category. (All profits from book sales go to World Bicycle Relief.)

“Discovering how to pick yourself up off the ground, how to rebound from sickness, or simply how to solider ahead through whatever roadblock you encounter—that’s the crux of Shift.”
—Ted King, Professional road racing cyclist (2006–15)


Fat Dad, Fat Kid

Amazon #1 New Release

Before Shay Butler became famous for vlogging about life with his boisterous brood of five, known on YouTube as the Shaytards, he was like many other American dads. He worked 9 to 5 to pay the bills, ate double bacon cheeseburgers during his lunch breaks, sipped soda throughout the day, and watched Netflix with handfuls of candy.

These small behaviors added up, and before he turned thirty, Shay weighed nearly 300 pounds. Motivated by the fear that he could have a heart attack before thirty-five, Shay decided to make incremental changes to his eating habits and exercise regimen. Shay lost more than 100 pounds and ran four marathons, becoming a source of inspiration for everyone who followed his journey on his ShayLoss channel.

Now, at the age of thirty-five, Shay has discovered that “maintaining” is the hard part. He has also seen how some of his hard-to-break habits are affecting his children, particularly his eldest son, Gavin, who grew up during the years when his dad had “a little extra Shay on him.” Determined to get back into shape and inspire his son along the way, Shay asked Gavin to embark on a thirty-day challenge with him to eat clean and do thirty minutes of exercise a day. Full of Shay’s signature blend of humor, honesty, and unbridled enthusiasm, Fat Dad, Fat Kid chronicles the ups and downs of Shay and Gavin’s thirty days together, reflects on Shay’s lifelong struggle with health and fitness, and proves that it’s never too late for parents or children to embrace a healthier lifestyle—even when it doesn’t come easy.



Writer & Book Producer

Mouawad is the 125-year anniversary story of a high-end jewelry and watchmaking business founded in Beirut in 1890. Over the years, the Mouawad family has acquired a collection of diamonds that is arguably one of the world’s finest in private hands. Their book uses gold leaf and special inks to honor four generations of fine jewelers, watchmakers, and diamond collectors.

“The story of the Mouawad family could be compared to a finely wrought necklace. It is composed of many strands, chief amongst them being dedication to beauty; deeply held values of integrity, honor and loyalty; and an ambition to dazzle the world.”
—Amine Gemayel, President of Lebanon (1982-88)


Sophie’s Journey

Named Author
National Bestseller

Duluth Trading Company has grown from a one-product startup in 1989, through a company known for its humorous catalogs, to what it is today: a much-admired brand with a flair for creating apparel that solves problems for its customers. People who take a self-reliant approach to life appreciate the Long-Tail T-shirt to remedy plumber’s butt, or the Armachillo range with its cooling, jade-infused fabric.

It could have been anybody’s child. Ten days before Christmas: a room of children, napping on mattresses in their childcare center, wait for Santa to arrive. It’s a peaceful scene—until a car hurtles through the doors at head height, crashing into the midst of the sleeping children. The engine revs faster and faster; flames lick the ceiling. Incredibly, no child was killed at the Roundhouse Childcare Centre on December 15, 2003. But Sophie Delezio bears the legacy of that day written on her body. Sophie suffered third-degree burns to 85 percent of her body in the fire, losing both feet, some fingers, and her right ear. Her survival was a miracle to many. Two years later, the unthinkable happens: Sophie is hit by a car, and once again left with near-fatal injuries. Yet again, she defies the odds and survives.

Sophie’s Journey traces the path of this remarkable young girl through the words of friends and family, hospital staff, emergency workers, and high-profile supporters. The voices of Sophie’s parents, Ron and Carolyn, also run through the story, describing the twists and turns of their journey so far. This book tells of a child’s resilience, of the choice between life and death, and of a strength that prevails through suffering.

“… Vivid images, layer upon layer, give this book an eyewitness feel. Sophie’s Journey is both a harrowing and an inspirational story, with a little girl’s sunny personality and strength of character in sharp relief to her circumstances.”
—Courier Mail


The Long Road to Overnight Success

#1 New Release

After the film Kenny catapulted him to international fame, actor, writer, producer Shane Jacobson was told by people that he had a talent for acting. That was great news, as he’d been on the stage since the age of ten. Working in musical theatre, stand up comedy, radio, ads, and the occasional Boy Scout review, Jacobson had been both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Along the way he had learned how to make people laugh and how to move them, and he had felt the allure of the spotlight.

From a childhood spent among loving but stage-hungry “carnies” to an adulthood spent traveling, falling in love, learning to drive every vehicle ever made, and generally distracting himself from a serious career path, this is a charming, truly Australian memoir.

“A hilarious read. Shane epitomizes the Aussie larrikin, and I feel honored to have read his journey. I could tell he had a great time sharing his story, as his zest for life, and his passion for everything he does, flowed from every page.”
—5-Star Goodreads Review


The Simple Things

Named Co-Author
#1 New Release

A minimalist philosophy of family life, written with Antonia Kidman (media personality and actress Nicole Kidman’s sister).

Life’s most joyful pleasures are often the simplest. In this book, Antonia Kidman and Sally Collings encourage us to embrace a life that is happier, healthier, and less hurried, a life in which we are able to slow down enough to make meaningful connections with family, friends, and community, as well as the world around us. With advice on everything from organizing your household, fixing your finances, and nurturing your family, to ideas for craft and gardening projects, making your own beauty treatments, and having fun with your kids, The Simple Things will help you to rediscover what is good and important in your life.

“It is, on one level, a roll-call of strategies to streamline your life, and therefore enhance it. On a far more captivating level, the book… encourages readers to discover their untapped reserves of strength to cope with life’s challenges.”
—Sun Herald


Never Say Die

National Bestseller

It was a cruel twist of fate: in November 2006 Chris O’Brien, a leading head and neck cancer surgeon, was diagnosed with an aggressive and almost inevitably lethal form of brain cancer. As he knew, few sufferers survive this particular cancer past twelve months. Nevertheless, he was determined to beat the odds. With the support of his close family, O’Brien took the option of radical brain surgery. His health and relative youth—he was fifty-four when diagnosed—helped him with the painful transition from doctor to patient, and renewed his belief in the importance of an optimistic outlook as the cornerstone of recovery.

Here, in his bestselling memoir, Chris O’Brien looked back over his life and the forces that shaped him: from his modest beginnings and early years as a doctor to becoming the face of the television show RPA, and from his crusade for the establishment of integrated cancer centers to the shocking news that changed his life.

In June 2009, after living with cancer for two and a half years, Chris O’Brien passed away. To the end he was optimistic and generous, relaying his energies into fundraising for an integrated cancer center, the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at Royal Prince Alfred hospital. Honored as an Officer in the Order of Australia, he was described by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as “a truly exceptional Australian”.
Shortlisted for ABIA Biography of the Year.


Killing Fairfax

Developmental Editor
National Award-Winner

Killing Fairfax tells the inside story of the decline of hallowed media company Fairfax. The savage twist in this tale is that the companies dominating the new online advertising market that spelled its demise were not just hungry internet start-ups. One by one, each of the new leaders in the field came under the direct influence of two traditional media tycoons, James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch, both intent on expanding their own online businesses. With exclusive and unprecedented access to both Murdoch and Packer, this is a powerful insiders’ story of the deals, the power plays, and the machinations behind an influential media organization’s decline.

A riveting, never-before-told tale of Shakespearean dimensions, Killing Fairfax is an account of corporate ambition and arrogance; fathers and sons; old media and new media; and brutal business dealings. Winner of the 2013 Walkley award for non-fiction book.

“An incisive, hard-hitting, and utterly compelling exposé of media, powerful mates and multimillion-dollar deals.”
—HarperCollins Publishers



Named Author
#1 New Release

Can good things emerge—unexpectedly—from the cancer journey? Reeling from the death of her mother from cancer, Sally Collings saw nothing positive whatsoever about the disease. But then she read that two out of three cancer survivors and their families consider that something good has come of their experience, and she decided to find out more. She sought out people who had encountered cancer—either personally or through someone close—and delved into what they thought.

Positive brings together a collection of voices: cancer survivors, caretakers, partners, parents, siblings. Together, their stories map out the terrain of the upside of cancer: the opportunity to draw together (as friends, as a couple, as a family); the torrent of support, love and prayers that are unleashed; the impetus to go deeper and embrace the strength, fears, and purpose that lie within each of us.

“Sally Collings has crafted a varied collection of interviews with people who have had cancer themselves or had a loved one diagnosed with it… a well-balanced, interesting, moving, helpful compendium.”
—Courier Mail


Days Like These


There are love stories and then there’s Days Like These—the story of Kristian and Rachel Anderson.

When Kristian wanted to show his wife, Rachel, how much he loved her after learning he was terminally ill, he ended up winning a million hearts around the world, thanks to the now famous YouTube video he made for her 35th birthday. This heartfelt and moving tribute by a young father of two and his battle with cancer drew attention to a much larger story: an ordeal so many families face alone.

Like Oprah (who invited Kristian and Rachel on her show) and Hugh Jackman (who helped make one of Kristian’s dreams come true by appearing on the tribute video), the wider world didn’t know Kristian, but we were so inspired by him we felt as though we did. He touched lives, gave hope, and left behind a precious legacy that will mean a longer and better quality of life for thousands of cancer sufferers.

Kristian’s story, told in his own words from his blog entries, with additions from his beloved wife Rachel, will inspire you to know that even in your darkest moments, the light can shine through.

“Kristian was an inspiration to us all, the way he handled cancer with fierce grace. I was so moved after meeting him and seeing how much he appreciated his family, and every precious moment. He taught us how to LIVE with cancer. The light he left on earth will not be dimmed by his passing.”
—Oprah Winfrey