The last in a series of seven blog posts on interviewing techniques to draw out people’s most authentic stories.

I love asking a speculative question in interviews. These can seem outlandish and a bit crazy, but especially if you’re getting rote responses, they are a great way to shake things up.

Here are some examples.

For a book about cancer, I asked each of 50 interviewees, “If you could turn the clock back and take cancer out of the equation in your life, would you do it?”

For a book about an injured child, I asked her doctors, nurses, teachers, and family, “If you had a crystal ball and could see into Sophie’s future, what do you think you would see? What would you WANT to see?”

The results were astonishing. The very first time I tried this was with a police officer who had been on the scene of a fire in a child care center. Sure, I felt pretty crazy asking a uniformed officer what he would do with a magic wand, but he didn’t blink: he just gave me a beautiful, emotionally nuanced answer that was pure gold.

It’s those moments of connection that make me want to keep asking every obvious, dumb, crazy question I can think of. Sometimes, it makes some magic happen.

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