My days have had a particular cycle over the past few weeks. I wake up thinking I needn’t (and maybe shouldn’t) have had those few glasses of wine the night before. Resolve not to do it tonight. Stay resolved through to 3pm, when I think a glass of wine would be rather nice. Far too early of course, so I wait til dinner time. Or a bit earlier if I’m feeling stressed. Have a glass of wine and think another would be rather nice. And maybe one more. Go to bed. Wake in the tiny hours of the morning feeling a bit crappy. Resolve not to drink tomorrow.

And so it goes. This is not me. Not the me I want to be. So I want to get back in charge of my days, and have fewer cranky mornings, stressed afternoons and hazy evenings.

Here’s what I’m doing about it:

Ocsober – a fundraiser for helping children lead a healthy lifestyle by steering clear of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s a good cause, and I raise funds by not drinking through October. A win-win.

Hello Sunday Morning – set up by the inspirational Chris Raine, HSM is an opportunity for anyone who is ready to take a three month break from our drinking culture and find out what life is like without a hangover.

Please support me in Ocsober: I’m aiming to raise $500 for the cause. More would be nice. I’m happy to receive support in $1K increments, equally delighted with anything you can scrape together to help young people lead a healthier life.

And I encourage you to swing by the Hello Sunday Morning website; they’re doing great work in creating a community that views drinking as an individual choice, not a cultural expectation.

Am I on my bandwagon? You bet. I reckon it’s the only way I’m going to make a change in my life.