Kids tell it like it is. And they know some very useful stuff indeed. Such as the fact that you can’t hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk. Or it’s never a good idea to try to baptise a cat.

Our children are bursting to share commonsense advice that will help us grown-ups get through the day with a smile on our faces. Smart, warm, telling and funny, The World According to Kids captures a beautiful sense of the world seen from knee height.

Some of the contributors to this book have just learned to talk, others have been at it for a decade or so, but they all have something to say that will brighten your day.

The World According to Kids is available now from all good book retailers, both bricks and mortar and online.

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Must track down a copy of the April 2010 edition of Reader’s Digest magazine – it’s got extracts from The World According to Kids in it.

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I reckon The World According to Kids is the perfect present for dads to buy on behalf of their children this Mother’s Day. It’s all about the great things kids say, and it will make mum smile – what more could you ask for? Read more


Here’s a wonderful review of The World According to Kids.

‘The World According to Kids’ is honest and adorable …

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Ten of the fabulous contributors to The World According to Kids have won a free copy of the book! Signed copies will be winging their way to the winners next week.

The World According to Kids is getting great coverage in the media. Here are some of comments: Read more

love light in hand

Some of the most gorgeous quotes in my new book, The World According to Kids, are about love – what it means, what it feels like, how you can tell when it’s around. Read more

Lots of people have submitted quotes for my new book, The World According to Kids (to be published by HarperCollins later this year). My personal favourite today is:
It’s not that great being an adult. It just means you’re closer to dying.
Oscar, aged 5
If you’ve got some gems that your child has said, now is the time to send them in! The deadline is next Friday 20 March – after that I’ll be selecting, sorting and wrapping it all up for the publisher.
You can submit quotes via the website If you want to know more, check out the website or just give me a shout.