God’s wife

Today is the last little story from a bunch that popped into my email on the weekend:

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Jamie’s leading role

Today’s little story for you, compliments of my ex (bless him):

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Children of the heart

Here’s another in my mini-series of sweet stories from the depths of my in-tray:

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God’s wife and other stories

We all get them. Those jokes and stories, circulating through our email in-tray. Every once in a while, one grabs me because it is extra funny, or somehow tugs at my heart. A bunch of those stories fell in my in-tray over the weekend. I figured they were sweet so I’m going to share them around. They’re extra sweet because they came from my ex-husband, and I’m really glad to be in a place in my life where an ex can make me smile rather than shout or weep.

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Feeling the love

I’ve just had a fleeting, 24-hour visit to Sydney. It seemed longer, and much as I enjoyed being back in Sydney it was good to get home again. I just love that feeling of walking into my house and being struck anew by the light and the space. Our house could do with a lick of paint and a serious garden makeover is well overdue, but it’s got beautiful bones and I enjoy being here.

Best of all is coming back to gorgeous pictures from my girls.

The inner beauty of the cupcake

Slurpy, dribbly, lurid – and in the eyes of their young creator, just perfect.

Reuse, recycle

How many things can you do with a box? If you’re six years old, the options are endless.