Suffering – who needs it?

Tired of hearing that worn-out phrase, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’? Like most cliches, there’s a kernel of truth inside the battered casing. Read more

Three bites of soul food

A proverb to ponder

For the birds that cannot soar, God has provided low branches.

— Turkish proverb


A quotation to inspire

Let me recognise in other men and women, my God, the radiance of your own face.

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


A blessing

 ?When there is no way, ?no path, no road made plain, ?may there be wise ones ?who inspire you to see ?where the way could begin.

— Jan L. Richardson


[with thanks to the ever-inspiring]

Cracking the code of the reluctant reader

I’ve been infatuated with reading ever since I can remember. Not always fine literature: I had a drawer full of Phantom comics when I was about seven, which I would pore over by torchlight after lights out. Read more

Wine no more

My days have had a particular cycle over the past few weeks. I wake up thinking I needn’t (and maybe shouldn’t) have had those few glasses of wine the night before. Resolve not to do it tonight. Stay resolved through to 3pm, when I think a glass of wine would be rather nice. Far too early of course, so I wait til dinner time. Or a bit earlier if I’m feeling stressed. Have a glass of wine and think another would be rather nice. And maybe one more. Go to bed. Wake in the tiny hours of the morning feeling a bit crappy. Resolve not to drink tomorrow.

And so it goes. This is not me. Not the me I want to be. So I want to get back in charge of my days, and have fewer cranky mornings, stressed afternoons and hazy evenings.

Here’s what I’m doing about it:

Ocsober – a fundraiser for helping children lead a healthy lifestyle by steering clear of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s a good cause, and I raise funds by not drinking through October. A win-win.

Hello Sunday Morning – set up by the inspirational Chris Raine, HSM is an opportunity for anyone who is ready to take a three month break from our drinking culture and find out what life is like without a hangover.

Please support me in Ocsober: I’m aiming to raise $500 for the cause. More would be nice. I’m happy to receive support in $1K increments, equally delighted with anything you can scrape together to help young people lead a healthier life.

And I encourage you to swing by the Hello Sunday Morning website; they’re doing great work in creating a community that views drinking as an individual choice, not a cultural expectation.

Am I on my bandwagon? You bet. I reckon it’s the only way I’m going to make a change in my life.

Nana envy

I have a bad case of Nana envy this week. It’s all my friends’ fault.

Friend number one – let’s call her Snow White – is heading off for a week’s skiing in Falls Creek. She tells me that they have friends living down that way, who will pick them up from the airport. I’m wondering what sort of people mover these friends have, to be able to accommodate two adults, three children and a week’s worth of luggage. “Oh no,”says Snow White. “Our kids aren’t coming – their nana is going to look after them for the week.”

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In memory of John Bean

Last week, the world lost three talented men. In a helicopter crash near Lake Eyre, an ABC news team perished. On board were journalist Paul Lockyer, pilot Gary Ticehurst and cameraman John Bean. Read more

Kung Fu Panda saved my bacon

As a parent, you may spend more time than you’d like watching children’s movies. But there’s wisdom and inspiration to be found there if you look hard enough. Read more