What must it be like to see your town, your house and your belongings reduced to a scatter of ashes? Any other worries seem insignificant when you weigh them against whole communities being annihilated. And in such a violent, terrifying way, too.
People talk about the ‘fury’ of the fires and their indiscriminate attack on children, the elderly, those fleeing and those standing their ground. In yesterday’s Australian newspaper, a CFA volunteer in Flowerdale was quoted: ‘I just get so angry. The fire has a mind of its own. It just doesn’t care nothing about wrecking your life, or your kids’ life either’. Rationally, of course, there is no reason to think that fire should care – or on the flip side, to think that it has a mind of its own. But for anyone in Australia and the Western world more generally, we have such a sense of control over our own lives that something as unstoppable as a mighty fire simply does not fit with our understanding of the world. We expect good to happen, and we are wrongfooted when a disaster like this comes from nowhere.
Should we spend our lives expecting bad things to happen? That would be like a living death. I don’t have a neat answer, but there are some things that help me when the roof of my world caves in. To know that the present is all, and that to live in the expectation of either good or bad is just a distraction. To know that in the context of eternity, the things we own and even the lives we build are never permanent: jobs, houses, even our bodies are only ever temporary. And the pain we have now will pass. It will always pass.

Yesterday I held it in my hands for the very first time. I gazed adoringly at it. Yes, it’s an advance copy of my new book, Positive! I hope the world loves it and treats it kindly … Now the hard work begins of making sure everyone in Australia (nah, the world!) knows about it and feels compelled to buy a copy. Or ten.
Check out the HarperCollins blurb at http://www.harpercollins.com.au/books/9780732287191/Positive/index.aspx

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Today is the big day – we start seeking submissions for my new book! Very exciting to be starting on such a fun, uplifting project.

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