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Lean In and get over it

We need to get over the idea that one book can do it all – lead a revolution, fix your life, explain the universe. Unless the author is Marx or God (who clearly had a lot of help from co-writers). Lean In is written by Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg with Nell Scovell. It […]


The surgeon and the ghost

Some people hate the idea of working with a ghostwriter. Chris O’Brien was a head and neck surgeon who had become well-known through the TV series RPA, set in the hospital where he worked. Chris became even better known through a set of tragic events: around the time he was working hard to establish Australia’s first […]


Proud to be a ghost

Most of my writing work these days is about helping other people to write their stories. Oh all right, I might as well admit it: I do a lot of ghostwriting. I don’t like the term, though, because most people think that what I do is deceitful. It’s hard to get around that preconception, but […]

The Simple Things

I have to come clean — I am no domestic goddess. There are days when I get caught up in the consumer frenzy: I succumb to over-packaged frivolities in the supermarket aisles; I call for takeaway because I can’t bear cooking dinner; and I rack up a new pair of shoes on a credit card […]

Are book publishers looking at your blog?

We all blog for different reasons. For some, it’s an outlet. For others, it’s about making an income. And for another group, it’s about catching the eye of a publisher. Hopefully. But are book publishers looking at your blog? We’ve all heard about the Blog To Book success stories. Gretchen Rubin, Julie Powell (Julie & Julia), and others. But […]


How to have a career as a writer

This is a third extract from my new ebook, Get Published. This one is towards the end of the book, looking at the big picture of being a published author. Are you winning the war? Kelly Gottuso Mortimer from Mortimer Literary Agency has this advice for writers. ‘Don’t concentrate on winning the battle (getting published); […]