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5 qualities of the perfect client

One of the questions I get asked most is, “how can I find the best ghostwriter [or co-writer] for me?” An excellent question, and one that I will address in a future post. But what about you – are you ready to launch into the writing process? Have you got all your ducks in a […]


Is it time to call in the book experts?

If you have seen their “angry beaver” TV commercials, you will know what the Duluth Trading Company is all about: tough, durable gear presented with humor. Everything they produce solves a problem. One of my favorites is their Armachillo range of clothing, which has cooling technology thanks to microscopic jade embedded in the fabric. (That’s […]

Why does a book need an executive producer?

Today I held in my hands an advance copy of a book for which I was executive producer. It was a proud moment: the cover was eye-catching and beautifully designed, on the back cover was a glowing endorsement from a prominent business leader, the pages were typeset in an elegant font, little graphics through the […]


A community of ghosts

The writer’s life can be a little lonely at times. There’s an up side, though, as my fellow ghostwriter John Kador describes in his latest blog post. John and I are both members of a “community of ghostwriters”, and that cuts through the isolation. Read more about the writing life and community here. I’d love […]

Taking Grammarly for a test drive

Some days I need a pedantic friend with a touch of obsessive behavior to read through my work. Most times I don’t have one to hand, though, and that’s where a program like Grammarly can come in handy. This week I took it for a spin to see whether it would be a useful tool […]