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A community of ghosts

The writer’s life can be a little lonely at times. There’s an up side, though, as my fellow ghostwriter John Kador describes in his latest blog post. John and I are both members of a “community of ghostwriters”, and that cuts through the isolation. Read more about the writing life and community here. I’d love […]

Taking Grammarly for a test drive

Some days I need a pedantic friend with a touch of obsessive behavior to read through my work. Most times I don’t have one to hand, though, and that’s where a program like Grammarly can come in handy. This week I took it for a spin to see whether it would be a useful tool […]


Permission to publish – who needs it?

There is no better time to be writing and publishing books than now. We’ve had the funeral when everyone thought books were dead, and now we’re in publishing paradise, where there are innumerable ways to write a book and to get it into the hands (five-fingered or digital) of your readers. So what has changed? […]


What makes a bestseller?

Towards the end of this year’s San Francisco Writers Conference, a first-time author cornered me over coffee. “So what exactly makes a book a bestseller?” He was asking the million-dollar question. It comes up somewhere along the line at most writers’ events, and I wish I could give a straightforward answer. Then again, if I […]


Are you the perfect client?

One of the questions I get asked most is, “how can I find the best ghostwriter for me?” An excellent question, and one that I addressed in a previous post here. But what about you – are you ready to launch into the writing process? Have you got all your ducks in a row? Are […]


Your perfect (writing) partner

This week a motivational speaker asked me, “How do I find a ghostwriter who can capture my voice?” She went on to explain that she had worked with writers before who seemed hellbent on cleaning her up. “I’m very opinionated and sometimes my language is pretty colorful. I don’t want anyone to change that – […]