Everything I do at the moment seems to come back to the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Even my Christmas present.

I have a trusty but rusty mountain bike that I’ve ridden for ten years now. The lovely people at my local bike shop gently suggested that I might find it hard going to do 200km in two days on the thing, unless I wanted to be riding from dawn to midnight. (No thanks.) So I was delighted when my family gave me a Christmas card saying ‘IOU one new bike’.

Not that it’s all suffering and sacrifice. Last weekend I went out and got fitted up with my new darling, a very gorgeous dark red Specialized road bike called Vita (a bike has to have a name – and it is really the model name). It’s true love.

I’ve already done a couple of training rides on Vita. It’s taking me a little while to get used to her, but she’s smooth and zippy and I think we’ll get along just fine.

On the fundraising side of things, I’ve just about got my website up and running. Pretty soon you’ll be able to go online and buy copies of my book Positive to support my Ride to Conquer Cancer efforts. When you buy the book through my website, you benefit three ways:

  • you get 50 inspiring stories
  • you get the chance to contribute to the fight against cancer, and
  • you get a bargain: Positive retails for $27.99, but you can buy it for $20.00 – and that includes P&P. All the profits go to my Ride to Conquer Cancer fund.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for the books to go on sale. If you would like to support me in the mean time, you can go to The Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer website here and make a donation via the website (Participant ID: 660879-2).


I do wonder who is raising whom, sometimes.

My elder child is a night owl (or “night hour”, as she would say). Sleep has never come easily for her; she seems to fight it, and we’ve wrestled through many long evenings with her bouncing out of bed and up the hallway time and time again.

I can hear some of you, dear readers, drawing breath to offer me advice on how to get a child to sleep. Stop right there. I believe I may have heard it all and tried most of it.

This time I decided to bring the message home with a role play. I involved both of my girls: one has empathy and emotional awareness by the bucket load (that’s my night owl) and the other is very cool and pragmatic (that’s my easy sleeper). One afternoon I sat them down on the sofa…

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