God’s wife

Today is the last little story from a bunch that popped into my email on the weekend:

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Kung Fu Panda saved my bacon

As a parent, you may spend more time than you’d like watching children’s movies. But there’s wisdom and inspiration to be found there if you look hard enough. Read more

Jamie’s leading role

Today’s little story for you, compliments of my ex (bless him):

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Children of the heart

Here’s another in my mini-series of sweet stories from the depths of my in-tray:

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God’s wife and other stories

We all get them. Those jokes and stories, circulating through our email in-tray. Every once in a while, one grabs me because it is extra funny, or somehow tugs at my heart. A bunch of those stories fell in my in-tray over the weekend. I figured they were sweet so I’m going to share them around. They’re extra sweet because they came from my ex-husband, and I’m really glad to be in a place in my life where an ex can make me smile rather than shout or weep.

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How to get more from your ‘me time’

I’m just about to head off for a lovely long weekend with my gorgeous husband and adorable daughters (adjective overload, anyone? – you can tell I’m excited) but I wanted to share an article I wrote for Bub Hub on ‘me time’, that pinnacle of desirability for busy parents. Read more