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The idea of a solid hour of silence on a Sunday is pure gold to me these days. I get plenty of shouting, singing and hand-waving in my own house without having to go looking for it in a church.

So, much to my own surprise, I’ve recently started going along to Quaker meetings some Sundays. I’ve worked my way through a few different styles of worship over the years. For a few years I was part of Hillsong’s inner-Sydney congregation. It might seem quite a leap for me now to take pleasure in the tranquility of the Quaker style of meeting. But that’s what parenting can do to you.

The Quakers are very big on silence, and on embracing different experiences and understandings of God.

Here’s what they say of their own tradition:

A Quaker meeting is based on silence, but it is a silence of waiting in expectancy. For many minutes, perhaps tor half an hour, there may be silence. But that does not mean that nothing is happening. All of us are trying to come nearer to each other and to God as we are caught up in the still spirit of the meeting.

As well as being very calm and soothing (the garden shown here is part of the serenity that surrounds the Kelvin Grove meeting house), there are flashes of humour in Quaker meetings and that appeals to me very much too. Last Sunday, the Brisbane meeting received a card from the Christchurch Quakers. It was headed, “from the earth Quakers to the flood Quakers.”

Wit in the face of adversity. I like it. A lot.


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