‘Usage is like oxygen for ideas’ – a message for all perfectionists

Matt Mullenweg knows a thing or two about making something amazing and putting it out in the world. He’s the founding developer of WordPress. You might have heard of it: it’s blogging software that’s used by, oh, 27 million people or so (including me – thanks, guys!). Matt writes a pretty tidy blog himself, and in a recent post he made some great points that resonate for writers and publishers too. Read more

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Writers: you need to get the knowledge

Writers who understand the book business are better able to make their way through it. Simple as that. Read more


Attention all writers: back to basics

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner does a dynamite job in her blog of educating writers about the real world of publishing. In today’s blog post, she touches on something that I thought was very, very obvious – until yesterday.

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