The self-taught parent

It can be very impressive to hear that someone is self-taught. An artist, say, or a musician. Wow, the dedication that must take, to pick up a book of chords and learn how to play classical guitar. Read more

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The transparent publisher

Back in February Joel Friedlander published a great sample letter to prospective clients. Joel is a California-based book designer who ‘helps publishers and authors who decide to publish their own books get to market with a great looking, properly constructed book, on time and on budget’. I wrote to Joel complimenting him on a spot-on letter, which was inspiring to me as I talk with prospective authors about their work and the process of publishing it. Read more


Citizen book publishers

The media barons are already acutely aware of the growing power of citizen journalists: that band of rebel reporters without recognised training or the platform of an established media outlet. A similar shift is happening in book publishing.

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