‘Mums have magic, they make you feel better without medicine.’

The World According to Kids will be on sale from Sunday! I really hope this book will make its way into lots of Christmas stockings. Read more

love light in hand

Some of the most gorgeous quotes in my new book, The World According to Kids, are about love – what it means, what it feels like, how you can tell when it’s around. Read more


When someone starts walking the cancer path, the changes start in their body even before their mind is aware of it. But from the instant the word ‘cancer’ is uttered in the doctor’s surgery, people’s thoughts are racing, trying to catch all of the implications, outcomes, impacts, possibilities. Read more


Is there anything more thrilling for an author than holding an advance copy of their new book? The World According to Kids has just arrived! It’s sooo cute … I especially love that it has sparkles on the cover! We love sparkles in our house. The World According to Kids will be in stores from 1 November.


If you suspect that you already know all you need to know by the age of ten, you’ll be convinced by these pearls of wisdom: Read more

Child Thinking

In my new book, The World According to Kids, I try to offer a glimpse of the world through a child’s eyes. To kids, most things adults do are pretty weird. It’s all new to them, after all. They are not born knowing the rules. Such as that you shouldn’t try to baptise a cat, or that women’s upper arms get wobbly with age, or that mums are always right. But they learn.


Can you hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk? Find out in my new book The World According to Kids, on sale in all good bookstores 1 November. Read more