Yes, you really should write a book in 2015

Is writing a book your life’s dream? Perhaps you want to tell your story to make a positive difference in the lives of others, or to leave as a legacy for the next generation.
From Tokyo hostesses and teenage mothers to comic actors and athletes, I’ve helped many people to plan, write, edit, polish and publish their non-fiction books. I love working with people who want to create a moving, compelling book that readers will love.


Just some of the stories I’ve ghostwritten or edited include:

  • The founder of one of America’s greatest newsmagazines, starting out at the height of the Great Depression
  • A leading cancer surgeon, struck by an aggressive form of brain cancer, but determined to beat the odds
  • The little girl who survived two catastrophic accidents and in the process, moved millions, and
  • A woman who bore a child for another couple, truly giving the gift of life.

How can I help you?

Book proposals – I’ll help you create a book proposal that will grab the attention of agents and publishers.
Chapter critiques – I’ll give you feedback on your non-fiction manuscript from a publisher’s point of view.
Editing – for selected projects, I hone voice, strengthen structure and refine pacing.
Ghostwriting – some people are on fire when they’re telling a story to an audience or to friends, but as soon as they sit at their keyboard the fire goes out. I build their great anecdotes into an enthralling book.

Not sure what you need? Book a FREE 15-minute consultation with me to discuss your writing and publishing goals and how to get there.

My specialties: memoir – life stories – ‘big idea’ books.

Take a look at the services page for more details, or contact me to talk about what you need most.